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I know I'm a nymphomaniac and have no problem admitting it. I've fucked tons and TONS of different types of guys in my lifetime, and none of them have been able to keep up with me. At one time though, I did have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world. He was really kinky and was the only person that challenged my insane sexual appetite.

We'd have sex in all kinds of different places; parks in broad daylight, the car, the movies . . . Sometimes we'd go to bars and I'd dress up in really kinky outfits. One time I surprised him at a fancy restaurant by wearing a long black raincoat with nothing underneath except a lacy pair of hot red panties. I accidentally dropped my fork and crawled under the table, grabbed his long hard cock out of his pants, and sucked him dry as the waiter took his order. It was amazing! Just knowing that the waiter would hear me if I accidentally made too loud of a sound or licked his cock in the wrong way gave me an adrenaline rush like you couldn't imagine. Mmmm . . . and to think that if he had caught me he would've seen massive globs of sticky cum dripping down my pretty face! LOL the thrill of having sex in public places and getting caught never fails to make my pussy sopping wet.

I also like watching people have sex. Sometimes when I'm home alone and with nothing to do, I walk around my neighborhood and peek into windows. You'd be amazed how many people fuck with their curtains wide open! Too many times to count I've almost gotten caught fingering my wet snatch in the bushes to a girl getting stuffed in her moist, pink pussy ~giggles~ But damn, being a sick & twisted pervert like that sure does turn me on like a motha fucka!

Do you like some of the same things I do? Or maybe you're one of those macho guys who thinks he can satisfy a girl like me who just can't get enough cock stuffed into her tight little Asian pussy. So if you're up for an lots and lots of naughty roleplays and nasty fantasies, call me now and let's chat!


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