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Hello Gentlemen. My name is Isabella. After being with me, you will never forget my name as it rolls off your tongue and lips when spoken. I'm the sensual goddess with a few surprises that you've always dreamt of. My desire is to be treated like a lady that you respect in public, and your nymphomaniac goddess that you worship in the bedroom.
I learned long ago how to please a man and satisfy his sexual desires, fantasies, and secret thoughts that he's never told to a single soul before. With me you will get the best of both worlds when it comes to making love. I'm your tranny goddess with a body that was built to please a man. I want to feel your warm breath on my neck, and your hot, wet tongue slide down the crevice of my bosom, and your full soft lips work their way over to my huge sensitive nipples. I love the feeling of a nice set of teeth gently clamping down on my erect nipples. I want to bury your head in my breasts and run my fingers through your hair.
As your hot wet mouth moves further south on the playground known as my body, I want to be able to see the look in your eyes when you see what your goddess Isabella has for you just below her sexy navel. The moment you discover the surprise I was talking about, your soul will fill with joy as you realize that all of those forbidden fantasies you've dreamt of can finally come true for you.
A lady never reveals all of her secrets at once, so I'll stop here for now. I look forward to hearing from you so that I can give you the opportunity to explore secret and erotic worlds with me. I'm here for all of your erotic online instant messaging/sexting needs. During these sessions if you have the desire to show yourself to Goddess Isabella by way of your webcam to make our online erotic session more pleasurable for your self, that is perfectly acceptable. If you are on the go with just a little bit of time to spare and you are feeling aroused, then erotic texting/ sexting by way of your cell phone might be a good fit for you also.
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